It all started with a cup of coffee. In 1997, I was an at home mother, seeking a lovely place to have a delicious perfect cup with my children, perhaps a lovely cafe like many that I enjoyed in my years of international travel. Being Turkish, it seemed logical that coffee and good food should always be readily available. It occurred to me that my little town of Kensington, Maryland needed just that. A place to call your own. With a little luck and a lot of support, The Cafe Monet was opened. It was charming, fashioned after Monet’s home, Giverny. What was originally an old plumber’s garage became The Cafe Monet with a pink exterior, green shutters, warm yellow interior walls and a lovely outdoor area. We added a with a mural of Monet’s Gardens and it was magical.

As the Cafe continued to bustle, a small shop next door became available and I saw a need for a lifestyle boutique that would give my Cafe customers a place to find the perfect gift and home accessories. Branching off the idea of Monet’s love of color and hospitality, I chose The Cottage Monet as the name that exemplified my love of distinctive items of quality and design and my personal pleasure of giving the just the right gift. It was a the start of what is now considered a mixed use enterprise! My customers could shop and eat to their heart’s content. Although the Cafe Monet closed in 2005, the Cottage Monet continued to serve the community.

The Cottage Monet opened it’s current location in the heart of Rockville Maryland, in Rockville Town Center. We are most happy to be in a community where our clients pop in to say hello or to check out our ever changing inventory. “What’s new this week?” is question I love to hear as the Cottage Monet staff and I are always excited about new lines and creations. Our mission is to assist our clients with inspirational design and concepts. I invite you to enjoy browsing through our photos and us know how we can assist you.